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  1. The library automation is a continuous process and this has been in continuum in the Colleges’ Central Library. 

  2. At present, the Central Library has been semi-integrated and is in the process of being fully integrated and automated by the end of 2021. 

  3. The main tool required for Integrated Library Management System (ILMS) has been procured. The purchase of SOUL 2.0 software embedded with College Admin Module for Rs.80,000/- and the annual N-LIST subscription from INFLIBNET Center along with other e-Library resources like NDL, e-ShodhSindhu and Shodhganga memberships is a step in the right direction for ILMS & Central Library automation. 

  4. Works are in the pipeline to manage Central Library’s internal and external resources like human resources, materials, financial resources and assets (tangible). 

  5. The ILMS is under the process of being employed in the Central library so that the routine tasks like acquisition, cataloguing and circulation are consolidated and simplified into different modules for facilitating collection and automation of services. 

  6. A centralized database is being developed so that the library services can be streamlined and a uniform digital system is maintained to enable easy accessibility to staff and students. 

  7. As of now, the databases of all the Teaching Faculty members, all the Students of UG final year, Stock entry of all the new arrivals in the Central Library are operational and being used under SOUL 2.0. The database for books issued and returned is also operational and maintained via SOUL 2.0

  8. The Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) module of SOUL 2.0 is operational and being used by the Library Staff members to provide information on the status of any book catalogued in the Central Library. 

  9. In addition to the above, the Central Library also follows the practice of data entry into MS Excel files of all the activities and services like Stock entries, Binding, Cataloguing, Book issue / return, Weeding, Writing-off, Book-bank facility, Special service of additional books issue etc.




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